VIDEO: Robber Caught On CCTV Performing Sex Act On Headless Mannequin

If you were robbing a department store, would you take time out from the robbery to have sex with a headless mannequin?

This is a weird one. A really weird one. A thief was robbing a shopping centre in Jaragua in Brazil where he spied a headless mannequin. Instead of ignoring it like most people trying to rob somewhere would, he instead decided to engage in some casual sex with it, as you do.

You can see the thief kissing the mannequin’s breasts and then mounting it after he positions it on the floor. All the way through the sex act (?), the thief was wearing a black t-shirt over his head which makes the whole thing even more weird.

The police managed to catch the robber after watching this video – not really sure how – and they stated that he had committed the robbery in order to fund his drug habit. Of course – everything about this video makes so much more sense now.

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