Rob Kardashian Continues His Mission To Destroy The Kardashians With Brutal Instagram Post

#TeamRob all the way.

Rob Kardashian might sneakily be one of my favourite people right now. It’s just perfect that there’s a black sheep in the Kardashian family who not only refuses to play by their rules but also seems to actively dislike them.

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Not long ago we were saying that Rob’s on a mission to actually destroy the Kardashians from within, and even though I was half-joking when I wrote that I think it might actually be legit after this Instagram post he dropped a few hours ago:


Rob, you absolute gangsta. The post is of course referring to the fact that Rob is now dating his sisters’ nemesis Blac Chyna, who also happens to be the baby momma of his youngest sister’s boyfriend Tyga. Some proper Jeremy Kyle shit or what?

Chances Blac Chyna is using Rob to get back at the Kardashians but he’s just too blinded by the pussy to realise/care? Pretty likely. Still, enjoy it while it lasts Rob. We’re all backing you on this one, especially after what Kim did to you before her wedding.


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