Rob Kardashian Admits His Childhood Crush Was His Own Sister

Rob and Kim

Keepin’ it in the family.

Rob Kardashian dropped an absolute clanger during an interview the other day by admitting that he once had a childhood crush on his own sister, Kim Kardashian. Yeah, I’d probably just keep that info to yourself buddy.

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He made the messed up announcement while sitting next to his fiancée Blac Chyna. What’s even weirder is that she found the whole thing pretty funny. I’d be screwing if I found out my husband-to-be was an incestuous freak.

During the Q&A Rob joked around and said that Blac’s childhood crush was Ricky Martin. But when the question was turned to him, she answered Jennifer Lopez and Kim. Rob then confirmed:

That is also pretty accurate.

What the actual fuck? You could see in his face that he wanted to deny it as he must’ve told Blac that fact in confidence, but he admits it anyway.

To be honest, nothing surprises me with this family anymore. We’re probably going to find out they all indulged in some weird sibling-only orgies throughout their childhood too. No doubt the mum Kris has got the tapes stashed away somewhere, ready to unleash when their fame starts to dwindle. I wonder if The Game got involved?


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