The Game’s Claiming He’s Shagged Three Of The Kardashian Sisters

Keeping it in the family.

Rapper The Game recently released a new track in which he claims he’s managed to shag three of the Kardashian sisters. Talk about keeping it in the family.

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The track, named ‘Sauce’, talks about the fact that he bedded three of the sisters, even though he’s only publicly dated two of them. The lyrics state:

I used to fuck bitches that Usher Raymond passed off.

Then I fucked three Kardashians – hold that thought.

He previously dated Khloe and Kim, which he announced during an interview with BBC Radio1Extra:

People don’t know, but I’ve been knowing Khloe for 12 years – you know what I’m saying? I went and dated Kim for a while. A little short while. Me and Khloe are cool.


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Bit weird to date two sisters but there’s not much about that family that is normal and we all know a little bit too much about their sex habits. Question is – who is the third sister? I reckon it must be Kourtney, because the other two have only recently become legal. Wonder if he’ll try to get that number up to five now that Kendall and Kylie are of age?

Still, The Game ain’t the only one who loves to fuck this family. OJ Simpson has set that he’s already got plans to date either Kris or Caitlyn once he’s out of jail. That would be one messed up threesome.


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