Rob Ford Parties In Vancouver; Appears In A Bunch Of Selfies & Gets Jaywalking Ticket

Rob Ford

Rob Ford was in Vancouver for a funeral, but naturally took the time out to do what he does best and get completely hammered.

Rob Ford attended a funeral in Vancouver on Friday for the mother of his former staffer David Price. Rob Ford being Rob Ford though, he couldn’t do the sensible thing and stay in a hotel and get an early night, he had to check the Vancouver bar scene, as him and Price ended up in a particularly hip bar called ‘The Foggy Dew’.

Rob insisted that he was sober all night and was only drinking Diet Coke, but the amount of pictures of him that appeared on social media – looking red faced, sweaty and wasted – would seem to contradict this, as would many of the accompanying comments and hashtags. #sowasted, #drunk, #whatwashethinking all made appearances, as did my personal favourite #wantcoke.

Following their appearance at The Foggy Dew, both Ford and Price were given $109 tickets for jaywalking on their way home, which definitely helps to corroborate the story that they were definitely sober. Ford said that he was ‘shocked’ and ’embarrassed’ about the ticket, and also called it a waste of taxpayer’s money, which doesn’t really make any sense.

There were also reports that Ford was given a ticket for public intoxication, but these were quickly dismissed, meaning they were probably true.

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