VIDEO: Rob Ford Gives Best Excuse Ever As To Why He Didn’t Admit Smoking Crack

There’s a very good reason why Rob Ford didn’t admit to smoking crack previously, and here it is.

There’s so much happening with Toronto mayor Rob Ford nowadays that it’s hard to tell what’s new, what’s old or even what’s real. By now we all know he’s a giant crackhead but then yesterday, for example, he mowed down an old lady who got in his way.

Today, he was asked by reporters why he didn’t admit to smoking crack when first asked about it, and he gave this genius response:

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Brilliant – Rob Ford doesn’t lie, he just hides the truth unless you ask him very specifically about it. You’ve just been asking him the wrong questions, that’s all. You said do I smoke crack? No, I don’t, I’m not CURRENTLY smoking crack, haven’t touched the stuff since last Thursday. Want the right answers? Ask the right questions!

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