Rita Ora Sparks Rumours Of Relationship With Conor McGregor After Dodgy Instagram Post

Rita Ora Conor McGregor

Both of them should really know better.

Conor McGregor has blown up into the world’s most recognised celebrities in the past couple of years, but it’s important to know that he’s apparently always stayed faithful to his girlfriend Dee Devlin who was with him since the beginning and is now the mother of his son Conor Jr.

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Someone who might not know this though is Rita Ora, who apparently enjoyed a date night with Conor McGregor last night at the after party for the British Fashion Awards. Here’s the Instagram photo that is causing people to both call Rita a home wrecker and say that Conor should really know better than to be acting like this (NB Rita has now removed the caption of ‘date night’ but it was up there earlier when she first posted it):

I mean yeah, if you didn’t know better – and maybe if you did – then you would probably think that something was going on between the pair of them when you see pictures like that. I mean they look like they’re really into each other and he definitely has his arm around her in the first one. It’s certainly going to get people talking if nothing else, that’s for sure, so why would you even bother doing it unless you wanted someone to think something was going on? Right Rita?

Maybe Conor and Dee are in an open relationship so it’s cool? I don’t know but it’s not often he gets papped with other women like this so I at least want to think that he’s still a good guy. Here’s hoping.

Of course, there’s also this footage from a couple of years ago of Conor McGregor partying with a bunch of half naked women in a mansion and probably doing blow. Who’s to know what the man gets up to in his spare time?


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