Riot Police Battle East London Youths After Party Gets Out Of Control

London party

This got out of hand fast.

Riot police in East London were pelted with bottles last night after hundreds of youths were turned away from a warehouse party.

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Footage emerged on social media showing dozens of officers desperately trying to contain crowds in Leyton at 9pm last night.

It is believed that the party was supposed to take place at the Gateway Business Centre after being organised on social media. Mark Rivas, 18, who witnessed the event from his cousin’s house, reported that he saw hundreds of youths aged around 18 to 20 years old gathering in the street:

I was listening to music when I saw a whole crowd outside then I started filming.

I could also see people jumping on cars and I heard dogs barking.

The scene got so out of hand that surrounding roads were closed, buses were diverted and a helicopter even flew overhead to monitor the situation.

A Met spokesman said:

Police were called shortly before 9pm to reports of a large crowd causing a disturbance in the area of Church Road, Leyton.

We understand that many of those in the crowd had been unable to gain access to a party.

Officers sought to disperse the crowd, the majority of whom complied with police.

However, at around 11pm a group became hostile, and missiles were thrown at police officers.

Most of those present had dispersed by midnight.

There have been no arrests. CCTV footage will be viewed to identify anyone who committed criminal acts.

One police officer sustained a minor injury.

I guess you could say that it’s a relief that little damage was done considering the scale of this “near-riot”. Still, if you were one of those youths you’d be pissed off that your warehouse rave had ended like this. All they wanted was to go and have a Wednesday night mash up and instead it ended with a minor injury and a battle with the police. Worst night ever.


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