Huge Riots And Violence Erupt At Brixton Academy During ‘Alkaline’ Dancehall Gig (VIDEO)

Riots Brixton

Riots on the streets of Brixton.

Last night violence erupted both inside and outside the 02 Brixton Academy at what was supposed to be an Alkaline gig.

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One person has reportedly been injured from the fights. The Metropolitan Police intercepted the brawls, although there have been no reports of any arrests at the time of writing.


Witnesses took to Twitter to share photos and videos, with many people suggesting the tension arose due to people trying to force their way into the venue. Footage posted online appears to show people pushing their way inside via a fire escape as staff and concert-goers attempted to barricade the doors.

Alkaline’s headline show was cancelled at the last minute over security fears. Apparently the 5,000 capacity venue had been packed from front to back before the cancellation was announced. Witness Oneil Willis told the Evening Standard:

I guess it was the high anticipation of his fans but I don’t think they expected such a massive turn out.

His last London show was cancelled due to concerns for the safety of his fans.

It seems the security couldn’t handle the crowd so the police decided shut it down that angered the crowd. It seemed there was at least a thousand out there.

I’m a bit gutted. It would have been a great show.

It’s currently unclear whether another show will be rescheduled. It’s a shame when something like this happens – what could’ve been a decent night for thousands of people was ruined due to the impatient actions of a select few. Hopefully Alkaline reschedules and the promoters organise the crowd better than they did in this case.

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