Watch This Insane Footage Of Rio Thieves Mugging Unsuspecting Tourists In Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

It’s peak season for the young thieves of Brazil and they are definitely making the most of it.

Well before the Olympics got underway, a few locals in Rio made it perfectly clear that visitors to their city were in for a nightmare stay:

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Well this footage that surfaced online shows that now with the Olympics in full swing, it’s peak season for the young thieves on the streets of Brazil:

Not to sound like we’re advocating child abuse or anything like that but these kids are in serious need of a fucking smack. The way they’re just casually stalking these people before robbing them makes it seem like they know they can get away with it because a) they’re kids and b) emergency services are understaffed in Rio at the moment. Great timing guys.

How about we get some of the martial artists competing at the Olympics to teach these little fuckers a lesson? Whoever’s running things over there needs to give the green light that you’re allowed to batter these little shits if they so much as try to take your shitty headphones off you.

No doubt the Tongan flag bearer would be up for that after what he’s been through.


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