This Girl Who Drew Rihanna On Her Nose And Made It Twerk Deserves A Straight A+

The Internet – such an amazing place.

The internet – a wonderful place full of completely useless yet fascinating videos like this one.

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This girl has instantly gone viral simply by drawing Rihanna and her phat ass on her nose with a pen, and moving it to look like she’s twerking.

Watch below:

I also enjoyed this dude’s version:

Would love to get inside these people’s heads and see what else is going on in there. I mean how does someone even come up with the idea to transform their nose into Rihanna’s twerking butt? Did one of her friends draw a butt on her nose while she conked out and then force her to make the most of it in the morning? Or was she 100% sober and just thought it would make a hilarious YouTube video? Either way – gold bless you internet, don’t ever change.

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