Rihanna Exposed Her Butt Twerking In New Instagram Video

Oh RiRi.

The majority of celebrities seem to be spending their time in lockdown complaining about how bad they’re having it stuck in their massive mansions, but Rihanna has taken a more refreshing approach in the her latest Instagram video by filming a video of her preparing a meal for one.

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The mood isn’t exactly depressing but it’s more knowingly and deliberately bleak as RiRi makes some kind of pasta dish, smokes some weed and decants a bottle of red wine in her luxury penthouse. She then starts twerking and exposes her ass to all her fans, which I’m sure is the reason that most of you have clicked on this article in the first place.

Check out the video below:


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the Jet Blacks are for life, but this Milky Way is sumn sexy #Coded @fenty

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Yeah, not really sure what that’s all about but I’m grateful for it than most of the boring whiney shit that celebrities are posting at the moment and not even just because of the ass shot. The whole thing is fairly entertaining, even if it is a bit weird. Keep it coming RiRi.

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