Rick Ross Won’t Ride In Teslas Because They Might Drive Him To The Police

Guy has a point.

I don’t think I’ve ever really thought too hard about the pros and cons of owning a Tesla, but if I had to then I don’t think that I would have considered that they could trap me inside them and transport me to the police if that was what some asshole cop wanted to do.

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Even though the future is coming at us way faster than we ever imagined, I still don’t think we’re quite at that point yet. Sadly, there are loads of conspiracy theory whackjobs out there who are willing to spread that narrative and one of these is of course legendary rapper and record executive Rick Ross.

Ross was only too happy to log on to his Instagram Stories the other day and let us all know what he thought about Teslas, saying the following (skip to about 1:13 if it doesn’t do it automatically):

I won’t say I’ll never have a smart car, but I’ve never ridden in a Tesla,.

Never. Never in my life.

I’ve never ridden in a Tesla and the reason being is because I’ve always had in the back of my mind, the government could tap into the brain of the car.

“OK, where’s Rick? He’s over there. Nah, bring him in for questioning.’”

Where am I going? It’s leaving WingStop!

You pull up to the building and the agent walk out. “Hey, Rick.’”

What you think it can’t?

So if you get in that muthafxcka, that muthafxcka lock the door and take you where it wanna go.

You think you finna smoke a blunt? That bxtch will suck the air out that bxtch.

If you watch it a bit longer there’s a few other good bits about how a self driving par could repossess itself if you missed a payment, how the On-Star navigation systems are all kinds of sinister and how every single phone call is being recorded. And to be fair to the guy, those are actually all real concerns for once because they could legitimately happen if you don’t have control over your own car or whatever.

Normally I call out people for being whackjob conspiracy theorists at this point, but I actually think Ross actually has some fairly valid points here. I didn’t think I would ever own a Tesla because they seem really expensive and annoying to charge up and that but Rick Ross has definitely got me thinking about the other side of them here too. Never thought I would say that, but I guess 2023 is a new era.

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