Rick Moranis Was Randomly Sucker Punched On The Streets Of New York City (VIDEO)


When you think of actors that are almost universally loved and nobody really hates, then Rick Moranis’ name is probably going to come up because he starred in some of the greatest movie franchises of all time in ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ before he left the business to raise his kids, so I find it really crazy that anyone would want to attack the guy

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Nevertheless, this is exactly what happened on the streets of New York on Thursday last week. It seems like the attack was completely random and unprovoked which makes the whole thing even weirder as it either means that someone sparked out Moranis for simply being Moranis or that he just wanted to punch someone and Moranis was the closest person around.

You can see video footage of the incident below, although it’s not really that clear that it’s actually Rick Moranis getting smacked:

Ouch. Moranis took himself to the hospital after the attack to get himself checked out and then reported the incident to the police.

They’ve released the footage as you can see above, but nobody has come forward to identify the guy yet. Let’s hope that it doesn’t stay this way for too long though because whatever way you look at it, it’s not good that there’s a guy out there randomly attacking 67 year old men in the street. That’s not what it’s about at all.

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