The 2nd Referendum Petition Just Received Its Biggest Endorsement Yet

This highly-respected and influential figure is pushing for a second vote.

Sir Richard Branson has called on Parliament to take a second look at the EU Referendum, and to go ahead with putting it to vote for a second time.

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Branson believes the Leave vote has “opened a Pandora’s Box of negative consequences’ for Britain and was based on “false promises” by Brexiteers.

Branson wrote in his blog:

The decision over the UK’s future was based on false promises that pushed a minority of the UK’s total voting population (17 million out of 46 million) to vote the way it did.

Two years before Brexit will even become reality, according to EU rules, it is already having massive consequences on the UK economy, and on society. Brexit has fractured the country more than any other event in recent memory.

Based on the misrepresentation made by the Leave campaign, Parliament needs to take the petition of more than three million people to call for a new referendum seriously. The alternative is to watch a rapid decline of Britain’s health and wellbeing.

He called on people to sign the petition calling for another referendum, which is already at 3.7 million signatures and counting.


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If a second Referendum does happen, which it probably won’t, there’s obviously no guarantee Remain will come out on top. But at least a second vote would allow us to be clear on the definitive will of the British public, many of whom didn’t vote or weren’t clear on the facts despite voting the first time around.

Or should we just STFU right now and get on with it? The result may have looked close when you break it down into percentages, but over 1 million more Brits did vote for leave after all. As disappointing as that is, maybe we should just accept it and move forward.


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