Rich Kid On LSD Says He Resents His Parents For Giving Him $100,000 And ‘Spoiling’ Him

He’s facing quite the backlash.

If you were to trip on acid and come to an unbelievably enlightening and personal realisation about yourself, it would probably be a good idea to talk to a therapist about it. What you shouldn’t do is Tweet a massive 35-page thread on Twitter about it, especially when your epiphany involves how much you resent your parents for giving you $100,000 for your birthday.

Qiaochu Yuan AKA the appropriately-named ‘Magnificent Adult Baby’ on Twitter says he took a ‘medium dose of acid’ a few days earlier, and wrote for 12 straight hours where he found himself in a dialogue between his sober self and his psychedelic self.

Here’s what he came up with…

Far out, man. I mean I get his point – that many parents throw money at their children, pay for everything they need, and don’t necessarily give them the love and guidance they need to make their own way in life and so they essentially end up a bit useless. As in Yuan’s case, coddling your kids well into adulthood can make them resentful of you when they inevitably fail on their own and blame the parents for their own inadequacies, because they were never taught to stand on their own two feet.

Most of the comments on Twitter were not sympathetic…

Yeah, fair play to the guy for being honest and opening up but I don’t think Tweeting a massive thread about it was a great idea. Not to mention he seems switched on enough to have done something amazing and productive with the money, rather than moan about having received it. But hey, we’re all human. Even though Yuan’s circumstances are infinitely better than so many other people’s, he’s still a man working through crippling guilt and lack of self-esteem. Again though – best to see a professional about it. Onwards and upwards, Yuan!

To meet the co-founder of a $2billion start-up who was fired for taking LSD at work, click HERE. Very unfair!


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