Rich Boy Knocks Out Rich Boy In Disagreement Over Whose Dad Is Richer (Seriously)

Chad Vs Brad.

I know that headline reads like we’re taking the piss but seriously, these two lads are literally fighting over whose family has more money.

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Don’t believe me? Listen to what one of them says after he knocks his friend out:

“Calling my family fucking poor?!” – yep, those words actually came out of his mouth. Just a hilariously unbelievable rich boy stereotype come to life.

Anyway, let this video be a warning to anyone thinking they can question a rich kid’s wealth and get away with it. As you can see from that footage they do not mess about and will KO you into next week for even insinuating that they are one of the poors. Mess with them at your own peril.

For friends who actually back each other, get a load of this lad destroying his own step-dad for calling his best mate the N-word. Friendship goals indeed.


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