Ric Flair, 72, Denies Claims That He Was Giving Oral Sex To A Lady On A Train


A photo of a silver-haired gentlemen going down on a lady in the middle of a commuter train on the Long Island Rail Road went viral today, and you have to admit, from that angle, it kinda looks like WWE Legend Ric Flair…

It looks so much like Ric Flair in fact that ‘The Nature Boy’ had to come out and state that it is categorically NOT him in that photo…

I guess we should’ve known that a guy who cut promos about what a limousine-ridin’, airplane-flyin’ son of a gun he was wouldn’t be caught dead on a train. Still, what an ego boost for the 72-year-old legend. The world sees a little bit of slicked-back silver hair tonguing down a woman in the middle of a train and the everyone automatically assumed it’s him, because that’s just something you would expect Ric Flair to do, even at 72 years old. What a legacy to leave behind!

Naturally, even after Ric Flair denied it was him, the internet had some fun with it…

Never forget:

For more Ric Flair news, get a load of how he’s still taking suplexes (into swimming pools) at 72 years of age. What a legend.


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