Mexico Modelled Their World Cup Kit On Rey Mysterio’s Mask

Mexico is the land of football and wrestling, and now they’ve combined the two.

There’s not many pro wrestlers who are such massive superstars in their own country that the international football kit is modelled after them, but Rey Mysterio is that massive superstar. Word on the street is he’s set to retire this year and I guess after hearing your country has designed their kit around you that’d be a sweet time to hang up the boots — not many better ways to end a career.

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“Soccer runs in my blood,” Mysterio said. “When you talk about Mexican culture, it’s wrestling and soccer.”

One of the kit designers said: “The design language comes from the wrestling culture. We wanted to bring that to the jersey in an aggressive, bold way.”

You know what would be even more fucking cool though? If the whole team wore Rey Mysterio masks when they were on the pitch.


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