This Dog Was Born With Backwards Legs And No One Understands Why (VIDEO)

What’s going on there?

Rexi the dog can’t move around using her front legs, because they’re stuck pointing above her head like a T-rex.

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Owners Rachel Woertink and James Cassity over in California are trying to figure out what’s behind the condition, and in the meantime have raised nearly $20k to get the golden retriever the help she needs.

We would like some help to make her mobile again or better yet fix her legs if possible.

We love her very much and just want the best for her.



They’re looking for anyone who might be able to explain what’s happened to Rexi or who can help with her mobility:

Any kind of invention, somebody who knows something about dogs missing their front legs or handicapped, maybe some kind of doctor who knows about a surgery.

Rexi can stand up and use her back legs fully, and even the X-rays they’ve done show that her bones look normal.

A lot of the veterinarians said it could be neurological, and some of them just recommended that we amputate her front legs or put her down.

We didn’t want to amputate her front legs since they still seem to have some movement.

Though she can’t walk on them or control them, if you lay her on her back, you can stretch them and move them to a normal position.

It’s absolutely brutal having to see that but on the plus side, at least Rexi doesn’t know any better and seems as happy to be alive as most dogs. You can bet a human with this condition would be one seriously miserable bastard but Rexi’s just walking around, scraping her neck and chest in the dirt and loving every second of it. Good to see her in natural dog mode but please, get her some fucking wheels or something.

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