This Family Came Back From Holiday To Find Their Dog Chilling On The Roof


A Birmingham family was left stunned after returning from holiday to find their dog Millie chilling on the roof.

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The Welsh springer spaniel had managed to slip out of a skylight at their home while being looked after by a dog sitter, and ended up perched on the roof.


When Millie’s owner, Julia Wright, touched down at the airport with her family on their return from Spain, her phone blew up with messages from neighbours and pictures of the 8-year-old dog casually hanging out on top of the house.

Julia says:

We had gone away to Spain for a week and left the dog with a dog sitter.

When the plane landed and we switched our phones on we had tons of pictures of the dog on the roof. I thought it was Photoshopped.

We couldn’t believe what was happening. Millie is always desperate for attention but even we couldn’t believe she’d gone to these lengths.

In the end, firefighters showed up and saved the day.



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I guess what Millie’s trying to say to her owners here is don’t ever leave me at home with the sitter again while you lot fuck off to Spain for a holiday. Maybe take me with you next time? Yeah it’s a nightmare taking your dog on holiday with you but I think that’s basically what Millie’s saying here with this daredevil move.

P.S. That dog sitter’s fired, right?

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