The Swift Mental Decline Of A Televangelist

Reverend Bruce Howard - Televangelist Gone Wild

The Reverend Bruce Howard is as mad as a bag of blue, ready salted badgers. Watch these videos and tell me it’s not true….

I was inspired by Tourist’s post the other day with that video of an “INDEH” girl. That video made my puke glands excruciatingly swollen, more swollen than I have felt them in many a year. I thought to myself, with one raised eyebrow “I must find a clip even more annoying than that before this stormy night is out. I must prove my Youtube stripes and rise above the competition. My honour is at stake.” I can hear you mumbling in your minds as I type – “Lazer Horse, why are you ploughing me with your inner dialogue? I care not a jot for your whimsies.” And you’d be right to question me. I failed. I could find no one even nearly as punishingly embarrassing as her.

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But what I did find is fantastical in it’s own regard. Unfortunately I couldn’t really find the proper back story to these clips, which annoyed me, but they are pure mega jazz none-the-less. In America you can get yourself on public access TV without too much difficulty. You have a limited audience, but at least you get to say your piece from the inside of a glowing box in the corner of someone else’s house. And there’s this guy who had such a show – The Reverend Bruce Howard. Unbeknownst to me, this all happened a good few years ago in the 90’s. Short summary for you: Reverend does a Seattle TV show that discusses God and love, after a few years he goes mental, then he gets a dog and is even more mental.

I know that summary sounds doo-lally, but it’s all true. Lap up these golden wazz nuggets with your eyes:

The Early Days When He Was “Sane”:

Yeah, I know. Mental, I really was shocked. But like I said, that’s the start, here he is a few years on, with a bare chest on display and a gang of bored looking freaks being even more double-retardo than before, if you can believe such a thing:

Here he is in a lighter moment singing…… well, laughing a song. It is really, truly  horrible. I am guessing you’ve already figured this out, but you really shouldn’t watch any of these clips in their entirety. You might do yourself some damage. Permanent damage.

And when you finally thought you’d seen the bottom of the bottomless barrel: here comes his stupid dumbass dog, allowing him to intensify further still:

One source says that this loon is now in some sort of local government job. I pray that’s not the truth. In conclusion – Unfortunately we are all laughing at someone with mental illness again: (Q) Is that OK? (A) Only if they’re on the internet.

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