Dude Takes Weirdest Revenge Ever On His Mate After Discovering He’s Dating His Ex-Fiance

When you’re hooking up with your best mate’s ex-fiancee, it’s not a good idea to leave your Wii at his house.

Imagine having to deal with the headache of a failed engagement, only to then discover your best friend is shagging the woman you were about to spend the rest of your life with.

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Definitely not an enviable situation having the two people closest to you let you down like that.

What do you actually do about it though? Expose them on social media? Beat the shit out of your (former) best friend and have a few stern words with your ex-fiance?

For Imgur user waltk89, those methods seemed a little too obvious. Here’s what he did about it:


All the other websites reporting this are saying it’s some kind of ultimate revenge move and that this guy really got even with his friend here. Erm, how? Am I missing something? His mate’s probably going to spend less time unpacking this shit than he did intricately zipping it all up, and then he’s probably going to face-fuck his ex-fiancée before firing up some Mario Kart. Literally the lamest revenge move ever.

If he had any balls whatsoever he would have thrown the thing out the window. Instead he essentially did this guy a favour. Terrible.


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