REVEALED: Bizarre Footage Shows Russia Training Its Next Top Hackers In Strip Clubs


Only in Russia.

A bizarre clip has emerged from Russia, showing that the country is training its next generation of hackers from inside of strip clubs. The country’s young cyber warriors are being put to the test using this strange method where they have to try and ignore half-naked women dancing around on a pole as they try to crack codes.

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It’s certainly a surefire way of testing someone’s concetrative abilities, but leave it to Russia to come up with a completely odd and NSFW method. Organisers of the event say that the contest tries to, “put coders in difficult conditions.”

Owner of the Golden Girls club Lucky Lee said:

The goal of the hackathon is to put a programmer in very difficult, critical conditions.

One would need to develop a prototype programme despite the fact that there are beautiful girls around.

Take a look for yourself:

The winner of the Moscow-based Hackathon competition is set to receive a job as well as free lap dance vouchers. I guess that would make up for the fact that they avoided the distraction in the first place.

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