Watch This Russian Dude Start A ‘Casual’ Game Of Russian Roulette At His Mate’s Wedding

Man at wedding

Neither the time or the place.

A man over in Russia has been arrested and another seriously wounded after a playing a game of Russian Roulette at their mate’s wedding. Whatever happened to ‘catch the bouquet’?

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The, quite frankly psychotic guest had been giving a toast when he decided to start the game, claiming that the gun was entirely empty. However, he then handed the gun to another guest who fired the handgun against his head and fell to the ground as a rubber bullet exploded in his skull. Luckily he didn’t die, but I still decided to cut off that bit of the video as it’s pretty upsetting – although it’s pretty easy to find online if you want to see. The man just basically falls to the floor, much to the horror of the bride and groom.


I just want to know what kind of nut job thinks it’s a good idea to start a game of Russian Roulette at someone’s wedding? It’s meant to be an event representing love, family and happiness – there’s no need to whip out a pistol and get all dark on everyone. This guy clearly does not give a shit.

Classic Russia. For more on this fascinating country, check out the most ultimate ‘Meanwhile in Russia’ video.


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