A Retired Donkey Has Been Stabbed For A Gang Initiation In London

He had been giving children rides for 20 years.

Sometimes you write a headline on Sick Chirpse and you can’t help but think just what the hell is wrong with people and this is definitely another one of those times.

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We’re in London for this one where a donkey named Bimbo has been ruthlessly stabbed as he minded his own business during his retirement, having previously given rides to children for the past 20 years. The donkey belongs to Lorayne Ahmet, whose father ran donkey rides for 60 years in Greenwich Park before his death in 2012.

Bimbo now resides in nearby Eltham and was found escaped from his enclosure with a deep wound in his side. He’s now recovering after a visit to the vets, but Ahmet has revealed that he’s contracted laminitis, a disease similar to thrombosis in humans. She has managed to raise £2000 for his bills via a Crowdfunder and is hoping that this will be enough to save him.

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Lorayne had this to say about the incident:

I transported the donkey to Sevenoaks for a vet to attend who confirmed my fears.

It was a stab wound. I can’t believe someone could be so cruel to do this.

Most of the donkeys are quite shy, but Bimbo is domesticated so I think that’s why they went for him.

There have been a few stabbings in Eltham of late and I have seen youths messing around with the donkeys.

I think one of them could have stabbed Bimbo as a gang initiation task.

I mean that might be stretching it kinda far but I suppose it isn’t really that out of the realms of possibility is it? Why else would anyone stab an innocent old donkey for fuck’s sake, and it’s being widely reported that knife crime and gang culture is on the rise in this country in boroughs like Eltham. What a time to be alive.

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