This Restaurant Is Offering Free Burgers For Life – But There’s A Catch

Mr Burger

Probably worth it though.

Over in Australia, a burger chain named Mr Burger is offering its customers the chance to win free burgers for life.

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Just let that soak in for a minute: free. Burgers. For. Life. If you’re anything like me then you would save enough money that you could probably buy a mansion or something. It’s such a sweet prize – just look at them:

Mr Burger 2

Unfortunately, what they’re asking you to do in order to win it means that most people probably aren’t going to go through with it. It’s pretty simple but it has lasting consequences for your entire life – they want you to legally change your name to Mr Burger.

The first ten people to do this and send over the documents to Mr Burger’s head office will receive a lifetime supply of free burgers. Or a supply of free burgers until they change their name back to something else.

Mr Burger 1

You can also only get seven burgers a week which is a bit of a copout but I suppose you probably won’t want more than that after you’ve been going there every day for a few months will you? The menu will have been exhausted man, and you’ll still be called Mr Burger for the rest of your life. Gonna look pretty stupid paying on your credit card at KFC after that.

Still, the chance to get a free burger every day of your life for changing your name to Mr Burger and moving to Australia is pretty tempting. Worth it? Those burgers do look pretty good.

It’s a shame that the recently voted best burger in the world won’t be included in the options though. That’s because it’s vegan.


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