A Restaurant Is Selling A Pablo Escobar Burger With A Line Of Cocaine On The Top

Looks tasty.

If you were to imagine a Pablo Escobar burger I doubt that you could have come up with something as good as the ones on offer at Pablo Escoburgers in Melbourne, Australia.

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The restaurant features all your regular burger flavours, but their crown glory is the Patron which comes topped with a line of cocaine and a rolled up $100 bill going through it. Of course, it’s not real cocaine – instead it’s garlic powder designed to mimic cocaine – but don’t tell me you won’t think you’re the dogs bollocks when you’re snorting a line of blow off your burger before tucking into it.

There’s also a vegetarian burger that you can order that comes with a little baggy of the garlic powder stuff with a little spoon inside it as well. Not sure why vegetarian = baggy and meat eater = line but whatever, it’s a pretty neat idea.

The only problem with this dish’s authenticity though is that when you’ve just done a line of blow there’s no way that you’re going to want to be eating food, but it turns out that a bunch of Colombians are actually really angry that this has happened as they feel like it’s glorifying Escobar. The owner of the restaurant Vaughn Marks is even claiming that the place has a two star rating on Facebook which has ‘forced him’ to release the following statement:

We are very proud of our burgers but we do also understand that Pablo Escobar was a horrible man who destroyed the lives of thousands of Colombians.

We do not condone, idolize or promote Pablo Emilio Escobar or his actions in anyway. We are however Australian and know how to have a laugh about a good play on words.

Its just a name of a pop-up burger bar not really a theme. Hard not to offend someone in 2019.

I mean I’m not really sure if I buy that because when you think about it almost everything out there glorifies Escobar’s existence – you know like the massive television show Narcos – so I think the Colombian people could target way bigger issues than some shitty burger joint in Australia. Probably more likely that the novelty value doesn’t save the burgers and they’re actually dogshit. Just saying.

For more of the same, check out this guy recreating the Pablo Escobar story in papier mache. Pretty legendary.


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