Restaurant Owner Instructs His Staff To Spit In All Police Officer’s Food

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Clearly not a fan of law enforcement.

You often hear stories of restaurant staff spitting in customers’ food. Usually it’s only a rare occurrence, saved only for the truly awful customers.

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But in the case of Robert Handmaker from Jacksonville beach Florida, his staff were instructed to do this on the reg… but only if they were a police officer.

Handmaker is the owner of a restaurant called Cruisers and when the cops were over the other day, he bizarrely informed them that the workers in his restaurant regularly spat in their food because they were bullies.

Handmaker was angry about a traffic citation he felt was wrongly issued, but it sounds like a classic case of an old man who thinks he’s above the law. Check out this report, which really does sound ‘unusual’ as the officer describes it:

Police Narrative

Unfortunately Handmaker didn’t get his ticket revoked, but he did succeed in making the police chief make another declaration:

Police Memo

Lol. Imagine getting a memo like that at your workplace. To be fair though, a lot of American cops are complete and utter assholes, so they probably do bully everyone in the community all the time. I’m glad those dudes are spitting in their food. Assholes.

For more American cops, check out these absolutely insane comments one makes to a German kid who got caught speeding. Genuinely shocking.


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