This Restaurant Will Give You A 96oz Steak Free If You Manage To Finish It

96 Oz Steak

That’s one heck of a challenge.

If you’re a red blooded male, then chances are you like eating steak and you probably reckon that you can eat a hell of a lot of it too, but this eating challenge might just be one step to far.

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The challenge comes courtesy of the Bristol based Asheville Steakhouse and it really isn’t one to be shirked at. The restaurant offers you the chance to claim a free 96oz steak – the only catch is that you have to eat it all in under an hour, along with five sides of your choice.

That’s one hell of a big meal. Take a look at it below:

Ouch. It doesn’t look that big there but you know if you got that on a plate then it would scare the living hell out of you, especially if you were tasked with eating it all in under an hour.

The worst part is that if you don’t finish it all, then they’re gonna charge you £110 for the privilege. Don’t think that’s going to be one challenge I’m going to be taking on any time soon, no way. My eyes definitely aren’t bigger than my belly, and that’s saying something.

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