There Is A Cash Prize For Anyone Who Can Complete The Big Mac Challenge

Woman eating big mac

That’s a lot of Maccy’s in one sitting.

How many McDonald’s Big Macs could you eat in one sitting? One? Two? Three? How about four? And what if we told you someone was willing to pay you £100 to do it?

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That’s the task being served up by the Facebook group The Big Mac Meal Challenge and though it might sound easy enough, it comes with a fair few caveats.

For starters, competitors must consume four Big Macs, four large fries and four large milkshakes (any flavour of their choosing) in the space of just 60 minutes.

They must then go at least 30 minutes without being sick. Still think it sounds easy? Well, the organisers behind the group appear adamant that it’s pretty much unachievable:

It is not a good idea to attempt this as it is physically impossible, regardless of your preparations, strategy, size or weight.

Believe us, we’ve seen it all.

No food or drink substitutions are allowed apart from gherkins, which remain entirely optional.


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Contestants can also do anything they like to the food and drink too, like blend it together, which is apparently a strategy one competitor tried and failed with. The main thing is that 100% of the food and drink on offer is consumed, including all lettuce entrails, fry ends and milkshake goop.

There is a handsome £100 reward for anyone that pulls it off though. They simply need to have a mate on hand to take photographs and film the attempt in action. Then it’s just a case of emailing over to the group’s adjudicators for review.

Fail to pull off the challenge and you’ll end up footing a hefty bill of close to £20 for all the McDonald’s you just threw up. And the organisers are adamant that it’s impossible to pull off. Do you reckon you have what it takes though? You wouldn’t be the first to think so. Still, if you do somehow do it then hit us up – we’d love to see how it went.

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