The Response Of The Westboro Baptist Church To The Orlando Shooting Was Predictably Atrocious

God Sent Shooter

This should not be allowed.

The world was in shock and mourning yesterday following the deaths of 50 people at the gay club Pulse in Orlando at the hands of lone gunman Omar Mateen.

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Despite the fact that this is the worst mass shooting in the United States history, the fact that the shooter targeted a gay bar to commit the massacre has led to some incredibly ignorant and awful reactions to it, mainly shared on social media. At the very top of this list is the extreme Christian cult the Westboro Baptist Church, who believe that God hates all homosexuals and that everyone murdered in the shooting brought their death upon themselves for being gay.

Interestingly (kind of), the WBC don’t actively advocate the killing of gay people, but they do believe that God will be torturing them in hell in the after life. As such, Omar Mateen is in hell too for killing them, but he was sent as God’s messenger to serve as a warning towards homosexuals. Some people will spin any old bullshit eh?

Jesus, should they really be allowed to tweet stuff like that in the first place? Hateful and ignorant doesn’t really even begin to describe it and nobody seems too bothered that their party line doesn’t really make any sense and seems to actively contradict itself. I guess nobody really cares as long as they’re dissing ‘fags’ though right? Pathetic.

On top of this, one of their pastors is quoted as saying ‘great, that’s 50 less paedophiles in the world’ which is just such a wrong statement to make that I don’t even know where to begin. The sooner this organisation gets burned to the ground then the better – they’re absolute scum bags that aren’t doing anything useful with their time on the planet.

And to be honest there’s probably a fair few gay people in the church anyway, as was best illustrated by this other guy who was the head of an anti-gay organisation but then ended up marrying a guy.


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