This Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, According To Science

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It’s a debate that will go on until the end of time – just who is the most beautiful woman out there and how do you define ‘beauty’ – but a team of researchers from the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia have claimed they’ve discovered the perfect formula.

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The mathematicians claim that women with a heart shaped faced are the most beautiful, citing Reese Witherspoon as the perfect example. Apparently they analysed 55 photographs of female models in order to come to this conclusion, looking at the ideal face proportions. All of the ones that were deemed ‘aesthetically pleasing’ had their cheekbones spaced the same distance apart as the width of their eyebrows.

The average distance between the models’ eyes was a strict 59.2mm and the vertical measurement between their eyes and cheekbones was 13.1mm. Not really sure that makes someone beautiful, but apparently it makes them ‘mathematically beautiful’. I mean I’m not denying she’s hot, but she’s hardly my number one girl, is she yours?

Lead researcher Gary Linkov tried to justify all this by saying the following:

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The notion of ‘mathematical beauty’ implies the existence of ideal facial contours, dimensions, and ratios that, when present, create a harmonious, balanced, and attractive face.

A heart-shaped midface is the quintessential symbol of youth and remains the overarching goal of midfacial rejuvenation.

However, few objective criteria exist to describe midfacial position, whether in the ideal or aged state.

We felt that these parameters might be useful to clinicians looking to find means of quantifying ageing changes, as well as postoperative improvements.

It is also a means of addressing ideal midfacial proportions.

Using an objective, reproducible method to define midfacial position allows clinicians and researchers to communicate more accurately, resulting in more reliable comparisons among various methods of mid-facial rejuvenative techniques such as facelifts and fillers.

Right. Seems like these guys have got a bit too much time on their hands really doesn’t it? Whatever happened to just thinking someone was hot because that’s the way you’re wired. Who honestly cares if someone is ‘mathematically beautiful’? Just go with the flow baby – listen to your heart.

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