Every Republican Candidate Had To Come Up With Their Own Secret Service Codename And It Was Hilarious

Presidential Candidates Secret Service

Highlights include ‘True Heart’, ‘Duck Hunter’ and ‘Justice Never Sleeps’. Oh, and wait until you get a load of Donald Trump’s.

As you’re probably aware, all the candidates for the Republican nomination for their Presidential candidate took part in a debate the other night so that the party and public could narrow down who they actually wanted representing them.

Although it looked like the highlight was probably going to be Jeb Bush admitting that he smoked weed live on national television, towards the end of the debate each candidate was asked what their desired secret service codename would be. As you might expect, they all gave some of the most cringeworthy answers in history.

I won’t spoil it for you because it’s way funnier watching it through rather than reading it.

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Wow. Some of those really are terrible. My favourite part though had to be when each candidate sort of paused after saying their preferred title so as to get at least some kind of laugh or applause from the live audience but the majority of them receive nothing but awkward silence. Perfect.

In fairness it must be kind of hard to come up with a super cool secret codename on the spot, but I’m sure they could have come up with something slightly less cringeworthy than ‘True Heart’ or ‘One Nation’ or ‘Gator’. The only people that were actually funny and witty were Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, surprisingly with ”Ever Ready’ (which I don’t really get) and ‘Humble’ which is actually pretty funny.

Still, we all know we’re not actually going to vote for Donald Trump, right?


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