George Bush’s Brother Jeb Gets Outed As A Pot Smoker During The GOP Debate; Deals With It Like An Absolute Boss

Jeb Bush

This is how you deal with some snotty prick trying to undermine your political campaign.

Whenever politicians are trying to get a leg up on one of their opponents they always tend to focus on negative aspects of their character rather than on their ability to do their job or their actual policies. Often it’s very hard to deal with this because it normally brings up some event/action that happened in the past that is going to tar public opinion of them and they can’t really do anything about it. Jeb Bush handled this incident like n absolute boss though.

There was another GOP debate last night between all the candidates seeking to get the Republican ticket for the upcoming election in 2016. When the topic turned to the legalisation of marijuana, the question was immediately levelled at candidate Rand Paul, who was probably the only person standing there who could have been pro marijuana reform. He confirmed he was and then called out ‘someone’ else on the panel that was a ‘hypocrite’ as they had smoked marijuana in the past.

Jeb Bush spoke out and revealed that he knew Paul was talking about him, and countered with this perfect response:

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So there you go. Just admit that it happened forty years ago and shrug your shoulders and say so what? He isn’t doing it anymore so why should it affect his ability to be a politician? Exactly, it shouldn’t and by acknowledging this and drawing attention to it he just murked Rand Paul. Nice one.

However, it isn’t enough for Jeb Bush to have out backing in the battle to lead the Republican party. No, that obviously goes to Donald Trump and if you don’t understand why, then you need to watch the video below:


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