Unclassified Reports Suggest JFK Assassination Was Inside Job For Exposing Illuminati In Final Speech


The truth behind the cover up.

As many of you all know, a file of never-before-seen records relating to the John F. Kennedy assassination were released earlier today, in hope that they will finally lay to rest the enduring mystery of the president’s death back in 1963.

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Although these hopes were crushed when Donald Trump said he was going to withhold some of the more “sensitive” papers over fears they could damage national security and relationships with other countries (which is very suspicious in itself) there is one file that adds to the speculation that the killing was an inside job.

A top secret memo, which is just one of the 2,981 records, sent to the White House by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover back in 1966, suggests that Russia’s KGB had data indicating that Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) was behind JFK’s assassination. The note quoted a Russian mole as reporting that Moscow reckoned the late president’s murder was a “well-organised conspiracy on the part of the ‘ultraright’ in the United States to effect a ‘coup’”.


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The note went on to say:

They seemed convinced that the assassination was not the deed of one man, but it arose out of a carefully planned campaign in which several people played a part.

Very suspicious indeed. Of course the Warren Commission, which was established by LBJ just days after the attack, said that alleged shooter Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone wolf killer who acted alone, despite the fact that there was significant evidence to suggest otherwise.

The information in the memo might not have been confirmed as fact, but this isn’t the first time that LBJ and members of the government have been accused of being behind the killing of JFK. Many theorists argue that LBJ was motivated by ambition to become president and was helped by members of the CIA and wealthy tycoons who thought they would profit under a Johnson administration.

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However, others argue that a higher power orchestrated the entire thing, the higher power being the Illuminati. An alternative explanation is that the Illuminati was upset about what it saw as JFK’s intent to limit the power of the Federal Reserve System, which happens to be controlled by the secret group.

The theorists describe how JFK’s speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association, where he spoke about a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy (AKA the Illuminati), was the one that sealed his fate.

You can certainly see why this speech riled a few feathers – JFK is forthright in speaking out against secrecy and censorship, despite the fact that this is what the higher powers and financial elite needed in order to carry on managing the American population.

And you could certainly argue that he appears to directly address the Illuminati and request that the US’s news coverage start to present honest and upfront news, rather than stories that simply “amuse and entertain”.

Does that mean that the JFK assassination was an inside job? Does it mean that LBJ was part of the secret society and set out to rid the world of the man who sought to expose it? Obviously these are questions that we can’t (or wouldn’t dare) try and answer, but they definitely do add to an interesting theory and we might just find out more about it as the remaining documents are analysed and published.

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