Reporter’s Naked Husband In Shower Seen In Background Of News Report


Now that all journalists and celebrities etc are all working from home – or a least should be – it means that all their segments are going to be cut from inside their places of residence, meaning that we’ll get a sneak peak into their lives.

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Normally this goes without a hitch other than questioning some of the titles on their bookshelf, but every now and again it can go well and truly spectacularly wrong. We’ve all seen the clip of that professor when he’s talking and his kids walk in and start causing chaos, but a correspondent for KCRA 3 in Sacramento, California named Melinda Meza wanted to totally overtake him with her effort below.

Meza was reporting from her bathroom about hairstyling tips during the quarantine but unfortunately her advice was overshadowed by the fact the mirror seemed to reflect her naked husband showering whilst she was filming her segment. Oops:

Yeah I mean I know it wasn’t that long but I kinda think that this must have been planned? There’s no way that she just had to shoot her segment there and then and couldn’t wait for her husband to get out of the shower, is there? These people know what they’re doing and that something like that would go viral, surely it can’t just be a mistake, right?

Even if it was planned it’s still pretty funny though. Gotta give them props for that and the fact that some dumb segment about cutting hair has probably had about a million views instead of the thousand that it would have received originally. Gotta give credit to some of these guys behind it all.

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