Super Awkward Moment When Reporter Asks Prince William If He Supports Prince Andrew


Welp, the last thing you need as a Royal when visiting the Foundling Museum in London is some cheeky reporter asking you about your paedophilic uncle, but then I guess that’s the English media for you. Worse still, he misheard him the first time and had to ask the reporter to repeat the question. I think William responded “not today”? Sounds like it caught him off-guard. Although you’d think he had some idea in his head of how to deal with questions about Prince Andrew post-Epstein. Good thing that aide was there to save the day!

Previously, Prince Charles completely blanked a reporter who asked him the same thing:

That’s how you do it! Watch and learn, Wills.

The Queen stripped Andrew of ‘his royal highness’ title and honorary military roles less than a week ago. He was reportedly ‘left in tears’ when he heard the news.


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