The Release Date For The New Series Of Black Mirror Has Been Leaked

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one of Netflix’s hottest properties as everyone seems to love Charlie Brooker’s nightmarish view of a dystopian future.

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Normally around now we start getting some information about the new episodes and just what’s going to be going down in them, but this year we haven’t really heard a peep from Netflix regarding the new series, although we are all assuming that it’ll premier around Christmas as it always seems to start back up around then. We might have the premiere date now thanks to the following tweet from the official Netflix account that was swiftly deleted, presumably because it was a mistake and they don’t actually want people to know when it’s coming back just yet:


Yeah I mean that’s pretty much confirming it right there and then isn’t it? Kinda annoying that we won’t be able to watch it on Christmas day or Boxing Day, but I suppose we should be stoked that it’s coming back really soon. Guess I can just watch Infinity War on Christmas day – that’s not so bad.

For more Black Mirror, check out some spoilers about the new series here. It’s gonna be good.


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