Reeps One And Dub FX Team Up To Create One Of The Sickest Beatboxing Tracks Ever

Reeps One Dub FX

This is so good.

I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about the beatboxing scene in this article because I quite clearly don’t, however I don’t need to know anything to know that what’s going on in this video is completely and utterly sick.

Two guys called Reeps One and Dub FX met each other at Glastonbury last summer where they were both performing and decided to get together some time and collaborate on some music. That happened a couple of weeks ago at Rockwell House in London and the pair of them only took three hours to come up with this absolute banger:

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Wow. Seriously mesmerising and you could probably imagine it being dropped in a club and everyone losing their shit to it too. Banger.

To get your mind blown even more, listen to Michael Jackson beatboxing ‘Beat It’.


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