The Redtube Album


My housemate decided to make a whole album from sampling smut movies.


Do you like smut? Do you like music? Then you’ll love this album from Hometape.

My housemate spent the best part of his second year at University watching hours-upon-hours of smut. You may be thinking that’s pretty standard for a dude at Uni, but he’s actually produced a pretty sick album out of it. He’s taken hundreds of samples from smut videos found on Redtube and has come up with ‘The Redtube Album’.

If I’m going to be honest I was pretty creeped out when I found out about this, thinking there had only been a mere wall dividing us when I so naively assumed he was, as a philosophy student, contemplating the meaning of life, or just getting high – or both. However, having given the album a listen I’m really impressed by it. It’s been dubbed by Wonderland magazine as ‘blissed-out and slightly creepy electronic’ which I totally agree with. It’s definitely got the novelty factor behind it but the tracks are more than listenable and pretty sweet to chill out to, perhaps whilst you’re contemplating the meaning of life, or just getting high – or both.

I decided to delve deeper into the mind of Hometape to find out some more about ‘The Rudetube Album’:

S.C – Have you told you parents about this? How did they react?

Hometape – My parents found out about it fairly recently actually and all hell broke loose. My mum freaked out because she was shocked by the graphic video and thought I was being misogynistic. I had to go into this long explanation about the phenomenon of online smut. I don’t ever want to do that again. Everything was cool once she got the concept though.

S.C – How come you decided to do the accompanying videos as well?

Hometape – Seemed like the logical next step and an extra challenge. I made the video for ‘Vintage Upload II’ myself because I wanted it to be simple, but handed ‘Hey There’ over to Charlie Lyne ‘cos he got mad skills. He can make a deep-throat blowjob scene look like an acid trip.

S.C – Would you say so much time dedicated to watching smut has ruined it for you?

Hometape – Yeah it did for a bit. Definitely changed my perspective. When you see the same set-up being played out a million times it starts to all look a bit shit. These days I’d rather just see a chilled-out amateur couple enjoying themselves.

S.C – Anymore projects in the pipeline?

Hometape – I have some ideas.

Check out Hometape’s video below and download the full Redtube Album for free right here.


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