Redditors Buy Times Square Billboard To Taunt Wall Street Over GameStop Shares

Rub it in.

Kinda wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on with the whole GameStop saga over the weekend, but it seems like the situation hasn’t got any better for all the Wall Street hedge funds with one source estimating that they’ve now lost a combined total of $19 billion because of it. Ouch.

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Anyway, if that wasn’t enough of a bummer for them, some Redditors have now decided to rub suit into their wounds by purchasing billboards and rinsing all the hedge funds with messages on them. The most prominent of these was bought in Times Square by digital billboard maker Matei Psatta, who purchased the ad from his own company for just $18.

The advert ran for an hour on Friday on the corner of 54th and Broadway in Manhattan, merely displaying the messages $GME GO BRRR for that amount of time, which has to be one of the most ‘internet’ messages  of all time if you get what I mean. Take a look at it below:

Lol. Another billboard appeared in Oklahoma as well which is kinda funny, but nowhere near as hilarious as whacking one up right by Wall Street and rubbing these guys’ faces in it. The one in Oklahoma isn’t as on the nose either, although it does include some rocket and diamond emojis on it that are kind of fun to see I suppose:

Billboard in Oklahoma City, OK! If someone can rent out a billboard for GME you can hold your shares!!! 💎 🖐!!!! (Left watermark for credit) from r/wallstreetbets

What will happen this week regarding GameStop and Wall Street? Really can’t predict it but I doubt it’s going to be as crazy as last week, although there are still probably going to be a fair few twists and turns for it. Stay tuned.

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