A Redditor Bet His Life Savings On Bitcoin And Lost It All

Unlucky mate.

Whenever you hear about Bitcoin, you only hear about the guys that have made a shit tonne of money about it and love talking about it even though most of them don’t really have any idea what they’re doing – they just plugged their money into a computer at the right time and thankfully the numbers went up, but they act like they’re alpha male geniuses.

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Anyway, I always find it refreshing to hear about Bitcoin investors who somehow managed to screw it all up, so it’s great to learn from this guy who ploughed his lifesavings into Bitcoin and then lost it all. He was so devastated that he decided to post about it on Reddit to try and illicit some sympathy:

Damn dude. That’s one hell of a bummer, but the guy is a moron for putting his life savings into something like Bitcoin which everyone knows is volatile as fuck. If this guy had been spending the last ten years putting everything he owned into Bitcoin then you really have to question how he didn’t already know that what happened to him was a very real possibility.

I can’t really feel that sorry for him, but if you do his Bitcoin address is at the bottom of the post. Help the guy out.

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