This Twitter Thread Explains Why Cryptocurrency Is No Better Than The System It Was Designed To Replace

Hard truths.

Haven’t really heard so much about Bitcoin recently after the market crashed and everyone who thought they were going to make millions off crypto went back to talking about IPAs instead, but here’s a really interesting thread explaining why the whole cryptocurrency system is a joke and just a way for rich people to get even richer whilst suckering in regular guys like you and me.

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Not really much point introducing it, so let’s dive right in:

I’ve never really thought about cryptocurrency in that way, but everything he’s saying there makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Still, even if this is the case there is the slight chance for the regular guy like me and you to make a lot of money off it, so I’ll probably still be buying the dip. Gotta shoot your shot. I hate the system.

For more of the same, check out this dark secret behind Bitcoin. Probably should take stock of that as well.


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