A Redditor Has Analysed 70 Years Of Baby Data To Find The Male Equivalent Of Karen

Any guesses?

I hadn’t really considered that there was a need from anyone to find out the male equivalent of the Karen meme – why would there be, it’s almost universally middle aged women that seem to complain all the time and not men? – but one Redditor has admirably decided to step up to the task and analyse 70 years worth of baby data to find the answer.

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Any ideas what the winning name could be? Names that have been banded around over the past couple of months since the Karen meme reared its ugly head include Greg, Keith, Kyle, Ken, Chad and Frank and whilst I would argue some of those have a strong case and some of them don’t have any chance at all (a Karen is definitely not a Chad or Kyle), it turns out that none of them ended up taking the honour.

The winner is in fact Terry. Here’s a nice graph that illustrates how the Redditor came to this conclusion:

I analysed 70 years of baby names in the US to decide what to call a male Karen. It’s Terry. [OC] from r/dataisbeautiful

Wow. Some people really do have a lot of time on their hands to do useful things during this lockdown period don’t they?

Kinda receptive to the idea that a Terry could be a male Karen. I don’t actually know any of them personally and that’s pretty much the only criteria I have for it, but I can see them being old and exasperated and angry about getting a new boiler installed or something. Just sorta fits doesn’t it?

The reaction on Reddit has been kind of mixed though. These two comments kinda sum up how polarising it’s been:

In Britain, a Terry is almost always a man of gruff demeanour who has just climbed down a scaffold with a lit cigarette in his mouth, on his way to drink his seventh tea of the morning, all with two sugars, none of them made by him.

As the level of Karens rose and fell, the level of Terrys followed suit to keep the forces of good and evil in balance. I mean come on – Crews, Pratchett, Gilliam, Jones, Bradshaw, Gross – there are so many excellent Terrys out there. Clearly Terrys are a force for good in the universe.

Not sure who all those Terrys are to be honest, but the first description sounds pretty spot on. Sorry if your name is Terry but you could be turning into a meme very soon, although I’m not sure that it has the same ring to it, you know? Karen is just perfect whereas Terry is just a bit well, meh I suppose. We’ll see what happens I guess.

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