Main Attrakionz

The recommended artists of the week brought to you by Sick Chirpse are Main Attrakionz. A duo representing a brand new sound for Hip Hop in 2012.

Main Attrakionz

If you like your hip hop a little cloudy and ethereal, the kind of hip hop you can just sit on your bean bag and day dream to, then Main Attrakionz are the duo for you. Going completely against the grain of Odd Future or Death Grips, and not being sell-able enough to be fronted by any major labels, Main Attraktionz seem to be in a zone of their own creating a hazy style of hip hop similar to last years hottest properties A$AP Rocky and Clams Casino (who both appear on their fantastic mixtape ‘808’s and Dark Grapes II’). Think Houston’s Chopped and Screwed style overdosed on weed; an addictive mind melting combination.

Sounds a bit like: A$AP Rocky, Three Six Mafia, Mobb Deep

Buzz-meter: 6/10

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