This Recipe Shows You How To Get High And Drunk Without Getting Sick



Getting stoned and drunk at the same time is pretty damn awesome providing you can handle it and not whitey, but that is easier said than done.

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That’s about to change now though as someone has kindly made the following video divulging how to make a weed infused margarita. Yes, you know what that means – you can get drunk and stoned at the same time now and it’s going to be way quicker and more efficient in getting you to that happy place as quickly as possible. Absolute result:

Yep, I know how I’m spending next weekend. In case the video wasn’t 100% clear for you, here’s the actual recipe too:

Margarita Directions:
Shake all
Strain over ice in collins glass
Lime peel

2oz Repasado Tequila
3/4oz lime juice
3/4oz not so simple
1/2oz Gran Marnier
Pinch salt

For more weed infused stuff, check out this weed infused pizza for when you’ve got the munchies after drinking that weed infused margarita.



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