Recent Tech Adoptions In iGaming


Almost all industries are increasingly relying on recent digital trends and online gaming is no exception. Blockchain is one such technology and the most important thing about blockchain is how secure it is. It is almost impossible to breach the system and hence apt as a digital ledger of financial transactions.

Online casinos also have started using blockchain to make their platforms more secure and reliable. The online casino industry is already worth billions of dollars and with the adoption of blockchain it will grow even further. Blockchain can be used as a ledger even for cryptocurrencies. Because of this various online casinos are now accepting crypto for transactions on their platform.

Online casinos now offer an immersive and interactive experience while being safe and secure at the same time thanks to various tech adoptions. Let us look at a few of them.

Cashless Payment

One feature that differentiates online casinos from traditional land-based ones is the manner in which transactions are done. Unlike the traditional casino where you exchange cash for chips in online casino you have to pay digitally through payment gateways like Mastercard, PayPal, and Visa.

Where digital payment is involved risk of cyber crimes is very high. Blockchain protects such transactions from theft or fraud and thus ensures that users get the best possible service. The incorporation of blockchain in online gaming is considered to be a masterstroke and will lead to expeditious growth of the industry.

Playing From The Comfort Of Your Home

Traditional land-based casinos are grand and extravagant in every aspect. Moreover gambling is legal only in a few countries. This means that land-based casinos in general are low in number and expensive and hence highly inaccessible to the wider population.

Online casino has removed the barriers of distance and money from gambling and has allowed everyone to play from anywhere and anytime. Online casino also offers various bonuses and perks which is an additional incentive to gamble online.

Secure And Transparent Gaming

Here we would like to bring to your notice a scam in online casino that took place a few years ago. A small group of scammers had devised a plan wherein they would try to cheat their way to winning in online gambling. They used tiny cameras and a computer to figure out the order of cards and how they would play out. Because of incidents like this people are still have doubts over the credibility of online casinos.

But blockchain have made huge strides in terms of making online gaming more transparent and secure. Blockchian based services like identification and accessing accounts create a digital analog of identity cards.

Virtual Reality

There is no denying the fact that online casinos cannot replicate the atmosphere and the ambience of a land-based casino. Online casinos have started incorporating virtual reality in their platforms so that users can experience the atmosphere of a real life casino from their homes. It would take years of technological advancement before a virtual world can be made to feel like real.


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