Check Out The Real Story Behind ‘F*ck Tha Police’ In This Short Documentary


You might think you know the full story, but you don’t.

Obviously everyone at the moment is NWA crazy following the release of Straight Outta Compton and it being a completely sick movie (not seen it yet? What are you waiting for, check out the trailer and get amped) and it probably won’t be too long until more and more pieces of content like this short documentary pop up capitalising on its popularity. When it’s as sick as this though who cares?

This is the story behind the iconic track ‘Fuck Tha Police’ and features interviews with Ice Cube and DJ Yella about what was going down in the build up to the song (those of you that have seen the movie might think you know the whole story, but you don’t), as well as interviewing cops on duty in Compton at the time and the residents of Compton who lived through it. It’s a great short documentary presenting a slice of history basically.

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Awesome right? Let’s hope it isn’t too long before the alleged sequel to Straight Outta Compton hits our screens.


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