The Real Reason Kanye West Built Replica Of Childhood Home For ‘Donda’ Reveal Is Predictably Preposterous

This is so Kanye West.

Kanye West courted controversy yet again last week with his ‘Donda’ album reveal by convincing recently cancelled music icons Marilyn Manson and DaBaby to appear at a replica of his childhood home in the middle of a baseball stadium in his hometown of Chicago, but the real reason he wanted the replica of his childhood home there is even more preposterous than you can imagine.

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Apparently Kanye originally didn’t want to build a replica of his childhood home but instead wanted to physically transport the house where he grew up from its location on 7815 S. South Shore Drive to the concert venue. Kanye already purchased the house last year so technically he probably could have done this, but sadly the Buildings Department of Chicago required way too many permits and structural engineering reports etc to actually let it happen, so Kanye had to settle for a replica of his house instead.

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Probably would have been way more epic and poignant when Kanye burned the house down if it had been his original childhood home, but I suppose it was still pretty cool even though it was just a replica. It’s a shame that Kanye’s full vision for his Donda reveal wasn’t able to be realised, as he was also trying to get Donald Trump to appear as well. Can you imagine?


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